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1st G.Addict single gets animated music video

G.Addict (the group Horie Kazuma is in with fellow Goulart Knights seiyuu Kaji Yuuki, Abe Atsushi, and Terashima Takuma) will be releasing its first single "everlasting note" on May 26th. The single will feature four tracks, including the main song and its off-vocal version, as well as a bundled DVD with the accompanying animated music video. The official Goulart website says the AMV is being released in advance of the anime project, though how long until we get that anime hasn't been made known yet.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

Well, I'm excited for both the single and the music video. Anything new from Horie-san is always welcome, but we'll finally get the chance to see what the Goulart Knights anime will look like with the video.
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Horie-san in "Durarara!!"

Found this out from Horie-san's blog a bit back. He'll be playing a character named Yagiri Seiji in the upcoming Brains Base anime Durarara!!, which is based on a light novel series by Baccano! author Narita Ryougo with illustrations by Yozakura Quartet mangaka Yasuda Suzuhito. The anime is set to premiere January 2010.

It's hard to find much about the series's premise, but I pulled this one from Moetron:

From the creators of Baccano! The "distorted love story" is set in Tokyo's rowdy Ikebukuro neighborhood, and revolves around an ensemble cast of street thugs, high school students, a female radio host, an underworld doctor, a young information vendor, and a headless Irish fairy.

Horie-san's character doesn't seem to be part of the major cast, but probably an important recurring character, if Baka-Tsuki's translation of the prologue is any indication.

Other Links:
Official anime site
AnimeSuki Forum's "Durarara!!" thread

While Horie Kazuma playing a character certainly helps, I probably would've gotten on board for Yasuda's character designs. Plus, the buzz generated from its Baccano! connections seems to be making it an anticipated winter title.
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Goulart Knights song, "signal" snippet

Happened upon this video checking the Goulart Knights site today. If my meager Japanese reading skills don't fail me, I think Horie Kazuma (Regulus) along with the other Goulart seiyuu Kaji Yuuki (Nile), Abe Atsushi (Hokuto), and Terashima Takuma (Ulbereo) sang this song "signal" at the Lantis 10th anniversary event on September 26. The event went from the 26-27th.

The group's debut mini-album G.Addict releases on December 9th.

If anyone in this com is familiar with Japanese, feel free to take note about any corrections I need to make to this. I can only read kana and limited kanji. >.<*
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Horie-san starring in a new project!

Horie Kazuma will be voicing a character named Regulus in Lantis's first original animation project Goulart Knights. Details are over at Anime News Network.

The plot sounds like something that's been done before, but I really dig the character designs and style. Besides, I'll pretty much jump on anything Horie does because he deserves more notice. It also helps his character is the megane, and guys with glasses slay me like nothing -- even more when they're voiced by seiyuu I like, orz.

The official Goulart Knights site is over here.
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